Weekly Meetings

The Lord's Day

9.45am - Youth Meetings (ages 3-18 yrs)
11.00am - Morning Worship
3:30pm - Young People's Fellowship (meeting twice a month)
6.30pm - Evening Worship

We give you a very warm invitation to attend our worship services. To find out more about our worship, click here.


10.00am - Women's Prayer Fellowship (meets at Grove House)
7.30pm - Bible Study and Prayer Meeting (meets at Grove House)


10.00am - Parent & Toddler Group (school term time only)
6.30pm - Activity evening: Junior Endeavourers (ages 9½ - 12 yrs)
7.30pm - Activity evening: Senior Endeavourers (ages 12 - 18 yrs)

For more information about our Youth meetings, please click here.

Building Project