Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with us, you can email We would be happy to help you with any questions about the Christian faith, details about our church and meetings, youth work or any other matter.

We warmly invite you to our services on the Lord’s Day (Sunday). If you haven’t been to church before we would recommend the evening service at 6.30pm. There is also an opportunity to chat over a cup of coffee after the evening service.

How to Find Us

The Church building is located at 8 Wilton Road, Salisbury, SP2 7EE, on the western side of the city. It directly fronts the A36, just 50 metres from the St Paul's Roundabout where the A36, A360, and the Churchill Way West (ring road) converge.

It is only a few minutes walk from Salisbury Railway Station.

Please see the location map for further details.

Car Parking

Parking restrictions apply along Wilton Road and in the immediate area of the Church.

Car parking is available in the Church Car Park at Grove House, approximately 70 metres west of the church on the same side of the road which is free to park on the Lord's Day. This has 20 spaces. In addition, limited roadside parking is available all day on the Lord's Day, and after 7 pm Monday to Saturday.

The car park is operated by JustPark, hence the large 'P' for parking signs at the front. From Monday to Saturday (except when booked for church meetings) a payment is required for parking through the JustPark smartphone app, on their website here or calling their number 01453 488020 and quoting the location ID 186900, shown on the signs in the car park.

For special meetings on Saturday afternoons we suggest that the Salisbury Park & Ride Service could be more convenient than trying to find parking in the immediate vicinity of the church. There is a Park & Ride car park situated at Wilton SP2 0AG, just off the A36. Please see the timetable here. From there the bus service (PR3 City Centre) runs down Wilton Road passing, on the left, the UTC and then the Salisbury Law Courts. When you see the sign pointing to Fountain Way, signal the driver to stop so that you can alight about 20 metres before Emmanuel. To return to the car park use the bus stop across the road from the church.

Salisbury Seminary